Surveillance Operator

Starting pay is $12 per hour with various shifts available


Full-time employees are eligible for benefits after 90 days and receive paid vacation time after one year.

Apply in person at The Double Eagle or email your completed application and/or resume to

SUMMARY:  To operate electronic video and surveillance systems in order to observe and monitor casino CUSTOMERS and TEAM MEMBERS for any violations of the State of Colorado Limited Gaming Act or company standards and procedures, to report violations as required and to ensure for the safety and security of all CUSTOMERS and TEAM MEMBERS.  To perform duties in compliance with local, state and federal laws and the Colorado Limited Gaming Act.          


  1. Within the realm of the responsibility of the job, maintains a clean and safe work environment. Performs duties in compliance with safety procedures, which includes use of safety equipment. Incumbents are responsible for following safety procedures, identifying unsafe practices or conditions and informing their supervisor or the Safety Committee of unsafe conditions, as directed.
  2. Maintains technical knowledge of surveillance systems through training on component design and repair.
  3. Make recommendations to surveillance coordinator on additional coverage that might be needed in specific areas.
  4. Communicates with Staff Members through two-way radio communications, and ensures for prompt responses for security or emergency assistance.
  5. Maintains a video library, and produces disks by date and time upon immediate request.
  6. Maintains composite disk library in accordance with established internal procedures.
  7. Provides Procedural Violation Reports to Security Director.
  8. Performs duties in compliance with the Colorado Limited Gaming Act.
  9. Performs incident investigations by reviewing and analyzing video and reports findings to management staff as directed. Works with security personnel during investigations of incidents, accidents, work related injuries and thefts to determine and identify evidence through video review.
  10. Maintains an accurate and chronological activity log, as directed.
  11. Performs a comprehensive “close watch” of any casino activity, GUEST or STAFF MEMBER when necessary, requested or required.
  12. Performs scheduled and unscheduled video system checks as required.
  13. Maintains an alertness for the performance of all responsibilities, and prior to taking action, exercises caution and evaluates circumstances for appropriate or safety response. Seeks supervision and guidance from the Surveillance Supervisor, as needed or directed.
  14. Performs as back up to staff absences and vacancies, as necessary.
  15. Performs other duties, including special projects, as needed and directed.
  16. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the Colorado ICMP’s applicable to your department.
  17. UNDERAGE GAMBLING / UNDERAGE DRINKING / CHECKING ID’s: It is your responsibility to ensure no person under the age of twenty-one (21) is consuming any alcoholic beverages, gambling, lingering in a gaming area or sitting in a gaming area.  This guideline includes underage and off-duty employees.  The best way to assure compliance is to ask for ID.  Remember, many people look older than they really are.  If anyone looks like they are under thirty-five (35) years of age, you are to ask for their ID.  If you have questions about any ID call the Key on Duty.  In addition, you will be responsible to attend the annual retraining of Underage Gambling, Alcohol and checking of ID’s. 

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:  Demonstrated experience operating surveillance operations, preferably within a gaming environment.  Demonstrated technical knowledge of state-of-the-art electronic video and audio surveillance systems.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE:  High School Diploma or equivalent, with additional electronics training preferred.  One (1) or more years of recent and related surveillance experience, preferably within a gaming environment.

REASONING ABILITY:  Decisions are limited to within the scope of essential duties.

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS:  Must have a valid and current State of Colorado Gaming License.  Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Essential duties involve sitting for an entire work shift with standard work breaks.  Routine climbing of stairs, stooping, bending, stretching and pushing surveillance equipment on racks and shelves during the work shift.  Essential duties require working any day of the week and any shift of the day.

WORK ENVIRONMENT:  Essential duties involve working in an environment surrounded by or adjacent to many pieces of electrical equipment.  Immediate work area may be subject to warm or cold temperature changes.  Some surveillance work locations are near loud/high noise levels and a smoke-filled casino environment.

MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT:  Surveillance related equipment used include Video Servers, View Station,  cameras, portable two-way radios, screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers, hand-saws, cameras, crimpers, computers and general office equipment including fax machines, photocopiers, staplers, and tape.