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Double Eagle Hotel & Casino


Starting Pay: Days/Swing $10.63/hr + Tips

All wages listed are minimum start wage but are also DOE (Depends on Experience)

SUMMARY: To serve food and beverages to CUSTOMERS as promptly and as courteously as possible.  To develop, maintain and enhance positive relations with all CUSTOMERS and STAFF MEMBERS.  To perform all duties in compliance with safety standards, health standards and the Colorado Limited Gaming Act.


  1. Within the realm of the responsibility of the job, maintains a clean and safe work environment. Performs duties in compliance with safety procedures, which includes use of safety equipment.  Incumbents are responsible for following safety procedures, identifying unsafe practices or conditions and informing their supervisor or the Safety Committee of unsafe conditions, as directed.
  2. Serves food and beverages to CUSTOMERS as promptly and as courteously as possible. Servers will wait on tables, pre-bus and bus tables, perform side duties, and empty bus carts as needed and directed.
  3. Develops, maintains and enhances positive relations with all CUSTOMERS and STAFF MEMBERS.
  4. Performs all duties in compliance with the Colorado Limited Gaming Act.
  5. Wears and maintains all uniforms. Uniforms must be cleaned and pressed, name tags must be worn at all times, no strong smelling perfumes, cologne, etc, hands must be clean and shoes must be clean.
  6. Alerts supervisor of any concerns regarding the quality, selection and variety of all food and beverages.
  7. Complies with established security policies and procedures.
  8. Performs other duties, including special projects, as needed and directed.
  9. Demonstrates a good working knowledge of all Lombard’s and Grill food and beverage outlets and products. Is able to answer CUSTOMERS questions concerning the same.
  10. Communicates and maintains performance standards for interaction with customers. Acts effectively to anticipate reduce or eliminate complaints from customers.
  11. Under No circumstances shall tables remain dirty after the customer has left. All tables shall immediately be reset.
  12. Help your busser to turn over tables as fast as possible. If there is no busser – you must bus your own tables.
  13. Communicates and cooperates with other departments to ensure best possible GUEST satisfaction.
  14. Is a TEAM PLAYER, performs all duties and responsibilities as a team.
  15. Servers must work as a team-help fellow coworkers as needed and directed.
  16. NO SERVER SHALL GIVE DISCOUNTS OR COMPS FOR ANY REASON. This could result in severe write-up or termination.  If you feel someone should get a comp or discount, contact your supervisor on duty or Food and Beverage Manager.  If none are available, contact the Key on Duty.
  17. All servers shall report for work on time and be on the floor as per their schedule.
  18. It’s the responsibility of each server to clock in and sign in at the beginning and end of each shift. Failure to do so could result in you not getting paid for that day.
  19. ALL servers shall see that their busser is tipped at least 10% of tips made
  20. Check the buffet as you walk by and direct kitchen to replenish food if necessary.
  21. Never walk by a table with dirty dishes in front of a customer. Always pick up the dishes on your way back to the kitchen.  FULL HANDS OUT-FULL HANDS IN.  The pre-busing to be done by the server primarily but as business may demand it is everyone’s job to pre-bus.
  22. All employees are to assist (diplomatically) in the training of new employees to ensure proper customer service.
  23. Should you pick up your order from the kitchen and it doesn’t appear appetizing, hot or correct–DO NOT TAKE IT OUT, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO SEE YOUR CUSTOMER RECEIVES THE CORRECT AND APPETIZING ORDER. If the food is cold or not appealing the server can be just as responsible as the duty cook.  When in doubt-contact your supervisor.
  24. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the Colorado Gaming ICMP’s applicable to your department.

UNDERAGE GAMBLING / UNDERAGE DRINKING / CHECKING ID’s: It is your responsibility to ensure no person under the age of twenty-one (21) is consuming any alcoholic beverages, gambling, lingering in a gaming area or sitting in a gaming area.  This guideline includes underage and off-duty employees.  The best way to assure compliance is to ask for ID.  Remember, many people look older than they really are.  If anyone looks like they are under thirty-five (35) years of age, you are to ask for their ID.  If you have questions about any ID call the Key on Duty.  In addition, you will be responsible to attend the annual retraining of Underage Gambling, Alcohol and checking of ID’s.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: Must be 16 years of age.

LANGUAGE SKILLS:  Demonstrated effective and diplomatic oral and written communication skills using English.

REASONING ABILITY: Decisions are limited to within the scope of essential duties.

CERTIFICATES, LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS: Food Handler’s License, or equivalent, when required.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Essential duties involve performing physical exertion:  frequent brisk walking, climbing stairs, stooping, bending, stretching, reaching, kneeling, squatting, walking and crouching/stooping, pushing and standing for an entire work shift, with standard breaks, in order to perform duties.  Essential duties involve working in a small, confined area used to obtain food, with floors which may become slippery in the process of preparing food and beverages.  Essential duties require lifting trays containing food: and lifting up to 30 pounds to stack, store or move kitchen, restaurant or general office supplies or equipment.  Essential duties involve a flexible workweek with additional hours routinely required.

WORK ENVIRONMENT:  Essential duties involve working in a kitchen environment which contains loud noise, odors and frequent hot or cold work environment due to running ovens and refrigeration units.

MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT USED:  Equipment typical of a retail/commercial kitchen, bar and restaurant, including slicers, mixers, ovens, refrigerators, fryers, knives, spoons, forks, glasses, pitchers, oven mitts, and various cleaning supplies and materials.

BENEFITS STATEMENT: Full time employees are eligible for benefits the 1st of the month after 60 calendar days of employment. Full time benefits offered includes: employee share health insurance, full premium vision, dental, accident and other supplemental insurance available. Paid Sick Leave accrues at 1 hour per every 30 hours worked with a maximum of 48 hours of Paid Sick Leave earned and used per year. Full time and part time employees earn vacation time after one year of employment and annually on the hire or rehire date based on annual hours worked per year with a minimum of 1,095 hours to receive part time vacation; 1,540 hours for full time vacation. Employees receive paid lunch when they remain on property for their lunch period.  Employee meal discount of 35% available. Hotel rate for employee family and friends available weekdays upon approval from management.

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