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Double Eagle Hotel & Casino




Starting Pay:  Day/Swing $14.00-$15.00/hr + Tips & Grave PT – $15.00-$16.00/hr includes weekends

All wages listed are minimum start wage but are also DOE (Depends on Experience)

Valid Colorado Division of Gaming Support License Required

Click here for the Gaming Support License Application

Must be 18 years old to obtain a Support Gaming License

SUMMARY:  To protect casino customers and co-workers and to promptly request for security assistance when necessary.  To consistently and diplomatically maintain good public relations with casino customers and co-workers.  To protect the assets of the casino, as directed.  To perform duties in compliance with local, state and federal laws and Colorado Gaming Regulations.  Responsible for knowing and understanding the Colorado Gaming ICMP’s.

Duties and Responsibilities: Within the realm of the responsibility of the job:

  1. Maintain a clean and safe work environment.
  2. Perform duties in compliance with safety procedures, which include use of safety equipment, fire exits and extinguishers.
  3. Incumbents are responsible for following safety procedures, identifying unsafe practices or conditions and informing their supervisor of the Safety Committee of unsafe conditions, as directed.
  4. Protects the assets of the casino, as directed. Protects casino CUSTOMERS and TEAM MEMBERS, as directed.
  5. Responds promptly to requests from Customers and Team Members for security assistance.
  6. Follows established security protocols to ensure that casino work environments are safe.
  7. Receives technical direction and guidance from the Security Lead.
  8. Performs duties in compliance with the Colorado Gaming ICMP’s.
  9. Develops and maintains effective working relationships and good customer service skills with all CUSTOMERS and TEAM MEMBERS.
  10. Investigates incidents by asking questions, takes and analyzes statements, secures and reports evidence as directed and makes an accurate record of all investigations.
  11. Incumbents provide emergency First Aid and or CPR, only when trained and certified and when needed to provide for the safety of casino CUSTOMERS and TEAM MEMBERS.
  12. Escorts the transfer of money/assets to designated locations. Monitors transfers and reports any concerns to supervisor.
  13. Patrols all Double Eagle Hotel & Casino properties, as directed, including customer vehicles, shuttles and charter busses to ensure the safety and security of CUSTOMERS and TEAM MEMBERS and for compliance to casino security policies and procedure as directed.
  14. Reports Colorado Gaming, ICMP’s and safety violations to casino security team leader and or Key on Duty.
  15. Maintains alertness for the performance of all responsibilities, and prior to taking action, exercises caution and evaluates circumstances for appropriate security or safety response.
  16. Seeks supervision and guidance from Security Team, Security Director or Key on Duty.
  17. Responds to and controls emergency situations immediately and acts to minimize risk to casino CUSTOMERS and Team Members.
  18. Security officers are to escort employees to drug and alcohol screenings when there is reasonable suspicion the employee is under the influence.
  19. Performs other duties, including special projects as needed and directed.
  20. Is independent verifier for all jackpots and fills as outlined in the Colorado Gaming ICMP’S.
  21. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the Colorado Gaming ICMP’S applicable to your department.

UNDERAGE GAMBLING / UNDERAGE DRINKING / CHECKING ID’s: It is your responsibility to ensure no person under the age of twenty-one (21) is consuming any alcoholic beverages, gambling, lingering in a gaming area or sitting in a gaming area.  This guideline includes underage and off-duty employees.  The best way to assure compliance is to ask for ID.  Remember, many people look older than they really are.  If anyone looks like they are under thirty-five (35) years of age, you are to ask for their ID.  If you have questions about any ID call the Key on Duty.  In addition, you will be responsible to attend the annual retraining of Underage Gambling, Alcohol and checking of ID’s.

Education and Experience:  High School Diploma or equivalent.  Graduation from a law enforcement or criminal justice course is desirable.  One or more years of recent and related experience in security enforcement.

Language Skills:  Demonstrated effective and diplomatic oral and written communication skills using English.

Reasoning Ability:  Decisions are limited to within the scope of essential duties.

Licensure:  Must have a valid and current State of Colorado Support Gaming License.  Must have a valid Colorado Driver’s License, with a good driving record. CPR and First Aid Certificates are desirable.

Physical Demands: Essential duties involve performing physical exertion: frequent, brisk walking, climbing stairs, stooping, bending, stretching, reaching, pushing (including stalled cars) and standing for an entire shift with standard breaks.  Essential duties require lifting up to 50 pounds: working any day of the week and any shift of the day.  May be subject to exposure to body fluids from GUESTS who may have been injured or requiring first aid.

Work Environment:  Essential duties involve working with large numbers of people in an inside and outside environment, which is subject to extreme temperature changes and adverse weather conditions including: wind, rain, snow, cold, heat and frequent high noise levels.

Materials and Equipment Directly Used:  Various security related equipment, including Polaroid cameras, portable two way radios, emergency first aid equipment, fire control panels and surveillance equipment.  General office equipment is also used, including typewriters, computers, fax machines, photocopiers, staplers and tape.

BENEFITS STATEMENT: Full time employees are eligible for benefits the 1st of the month after 60 calendar days of employment. Full time benefits offered includes: employee share health insurance, full premium vision, dental, accident and other supplemental insurance available. Paid Sick Leave accrues at 1 hour per every 30 hours worked with a maximum of 48 hours of Paid Sick Leave earned and used per year. Full time and part time employees earn vacation time after one year of employment and annually on the hire or rehire date based on annual hours worked per year with a minimum of 1,095 hours to receive part time vacation; 1,540 hours for full time vacation. Employees receive paid lunch when they remain on property for their lunch period.  Employee meal discount of 35% available. Hotel rate for employee family and friends available weekdays upon approval from management.

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