Pay: $9.30 per hour plus tips

Various Shifts Available - Weekends Required

Wednesday-Saturday 3pm to 3am

Sunday-Thursday 9am to 5pm

Friday & Saturday 9am to 5pm or 12pm to 12am

Tuesday & Wednesday 2pm to 2am

Apply in person at The Double Eagle Hotel & Casino in Cripple Creek, CO.

Summary: Looking for bright smiles and bubbly personalities to provide exceptional customer service across two spacious gaming floors. Greet guests as they approach the bar, to assist in all ways possible to enhance guest’s experience.  Specifically, to wash glassware, cut fruit, sanitize station, stock beverages, to replenish all pars stock as required and as directed by Management.  Assist with keeping a clean and organized work environment at all times. To perform all duties in compliance with company policies as well as all Federal, State and Local safety standards, health standards and the Colorado Limited Gaming Act.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Within the realm of the responsibility of the job, maintains a clean and safe work environment. Performs duties in compliance with safety procedures, which includes use of safety equipment.  Incumbents are responsible for following safety procedures, identifying unsafe practices or conditions and informing their supervisor or the Safety Committee of unsafe conditions, as directed.
  2. Sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snack and foods to all customers in a courteous and prompt manner.
  3. Provides quality services to ensure good customer service.
  4. Acts to consistently maintain a properly stocked, clean and well organized bar at all times. Ensures that all liquor controls are closely monitored and tightly maintained.
  5. Monitors cash flow and complies with money handling procedures, as directed. Acts to prevent loss and theft, and to maintain the integrity of all cash transactions.
  6. Monitors GUESTS for intoxication, discontinues alcohol sales and informs security, Key on Duty, and immediate supervisor of suspected intoxication. Guests are not to be served more than one alcoholic beverage (1 shot) every twenty minutes not to exceed 3 alcoholic beverages in one hour. One Alcoholic beverage means, 1 ounce of Liquor or 1 beer or 1 6 ounce glass of wine. Over pours will be acted upon.
  7. Alerts supervisor and security of GUESTS who may be difficult or possible violent.
  8. Coordinates bartending activities with the rounds and breaks of Cocktail Servers.
  9. Promotes events in gaming, slots, the restaurant and other areas, as required or requested.
  10. Sells/exchanges change to Guests according to ICMP regulations.
  11. Develops, maintains and enhances positive relations with all CUSTOMERS and STAFF MEMBERS.
  12. Performs all duties in compliance with the Colorado Limited Gaming Act.
  13. Wears and maintains all uniforms.

              -Uniforms must be cleaned and pressed

              -Nametags must be worn at all times

              -No perfumes worn

              -Hands and nails must be clean, nails may be no longer than ¼ inch, hair must be up or back and nicely trimmed 

              -Shoes must be clean and slip resistant You represent the Food and Beverage Department and must always show good appearance and attitude towards customers. 

  1. Alerts supervisor of any concerns regarding the quality, selection and variety of all food and beverages.
  2. Complies with established security policies and procedures.
  3. Performs other duties, including special projects, as needed and directed.
  4. Demonstrates a good working knowledge of all Lombard’s, Winfield’s, Grill & Prospectors Perk, food and beverage outlets and products. Is able to answer CUSTOMERS questions concerning the same.
  5. Communicates and maintains performance standards for interaction with customers. Acts effectively to anticipate, reduce, or eliminate complaints from customers.
  6. Communicates and cooperates with other departments to ensure best possible GUEST satisfaction.
  7. If a person does not appear to be 30 years of age or older, you MUST ask for their I.D. It is against the law to serve anyone that does not have proper identification.
  8. Is a TEAM PLAYER, performs all duties and responsibilities as a team. Team work is an essential part of each person’s job.
  9. Correctly accounts for all cash, charges and comp sales.
  10. NO BARTENDER SHALL GIVE DISCOUNTS OR COMPS FOR ANY REASON. This could result in severe write-up or termination.  If you feel someone should get a comp or discount, contact your supervisor on duty or Food and Beverage Manager.  If none are available, contact the Duty Key.
  11. Lower Bar Bartenders should provide drinks for the restaurant server as the drinks come through the Micros system.
  12. It’s the responsibility of each bartender to clock in and sign in at the beginning and end of each shift. Failure to do so could result in you not getting paid for that day.
  13. Bartenders should never leave the bar unattended. Get a cocktail waitress to cover, or bar manager or on duty F&B manager.  You need to get permission from the F&B Manager to arrange for breaks and lunches.  This applies to bartenders and cocktail servers.
  14. Uniforms should be well pressed. Skirt or pants cleaned.  Do not add to, remove or adjust the style of issued uniform.  If for some reason you do not have part of your uniform prior to going on duty, immediately inform your Supervisor of Manager on duty. ( This applies if a specific uniform is required.) Uniform dress code must be followed, if you have questions about what dress code is for your area, please ask you manager on duty.
  15. If you make a mistake on your micros tickets such as closing comps to cash or closing out any ticket with an error, you need to see a manager for correcting your ticket before you leave if a manager is not available to fix ticket be sure to have the Key on Duty sign and acknowledge the error.
  16. If you break any glassware or bottles, stop immediately and clean it up, even if this interrupts service temporarily. SAFETY FIRST--AND THIS COULD CREATE AN UNSAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT FOR EMPLOYEES OR GUEST.  If you should break a glass in the ice bin, you must remove all ice, clean the ice bin thoroughly, then refill with ice.
  17. If you require any liquor or wine during your shift, Contact the duty Food and Beverage Manager or Director or Supervisor.
  18. Responsible for entering all drinks into micros and comping free drinks every hour, remember free drinks go to guests that are actively playing at the bar. If a guest is not engaged in active gaming then they must pay for their beverage. If a guest is on the floor playing and comes to the bar for a drink they must wait for a cocktail server or they will need to pay for their beverage.
  19. Accurately makes change in cash drawer for all sales and tips.
  20. Properly separates tips from revenue. Tips are not to be kept with bar or Lotto Revenue.
  21. Operates and maintains Colorado Lotto
  22. Keep in mind that surveillance cameras may be watching at any time to review a bartender or cocktail servers job performance.
  23. Any bartender or cocktail server not complying with the above stated policies will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
  24. You are responsible for knowing and understanding the Colorado Gaming ICMP’s applicable to your department.
  25. It is the employee’s responsibility to be aware of the above stated bar policies as well as company policies throughout the casino. If you have any questions regarding these policies and procedures in our company, please see your department manager for clarification.

Education & Experience:  High School Diploma, or equivalent in education and experience.  One (1) or more years of recent and related experience in Customer Service.

Language Skills:  Demonstrated effective and diplomatic oral and written communication skills using English.

Reasoning Ability:  Decisions are limited to within the scope of essential duties.

License, certification or registration requirements:  Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and possess a Colorado Limited Gaming Support License.

Physical Demands:  Essential duties involve performing physical exertion:  frequent brisk walking, climbing stairs, stooping, bending, stretching, reaching, kneeling, squatting, walking and crouching/stooping, pushing and standing for an entire work shift, with standard breaks, in order to perform duties.  Essential duties involve working in a small, confined area used to obtain food, with floors which may become slippery in the process of preparing food and beverages.  Essential duties require lifting trays containing food: and lifting up to 50 pounds to stack, store or move bartending, kitchen, restaurant or general office supplies or equipment.  Essential duties involve a flexible workweek with additional hours routinely required. Bar carts are not to be over loaded, maximum load at one time should be no more than 4 buckets of ice, or 6 cases of beer, or 5 cases of water.  DO NOT OVERLOAD Bar carts.  Bar carts are to be pushed at all times never pulled.

Work Environment:  Essential duties involve working in a casino environment which contains loud noise and odors.

Materials and Equipment Directly Used:  Equipment typical of a retail/commercial kitchen, bar and restaurant, including mixers, ovens, refrigerators, knives, spoons, forks, glasses, pitchers, and various cleaning supplies and materials.

Benefit Statement: Full time employees are eligible for benefits the 1st of the month after 60 calendar days of employment. Benefit offer includes: employee share health insurance, full premium vision, dental, accident and other supplemental insurance available. Paid Sick Leave accrues at 1 hour per every 30 hours worked with a maximum of 48 hours of Paid Sick Leave earned and used per year. Full time and part time employees earn vacation time after one year of work and annually on the hire or rehire date based on hours worked per year. Free parking on site, employee meal discount of 25% available at Lombard’s and the deli. Hotel rate for employee family and friends available weekdays approval from management.